rosso cuore di paola brunello
Rosso Cuore di Paola Brunello

paola brunello

Paola Brunello

The beauty is in the details...

Paola Brunello, the creator of Rosso Cuore, is a creative, costume and scene designer with an old times poetic taste. Her creations are inspired by her philosophy of life: <<the beauty is in the details: knowing how to appreciate them makes the difference>>

the Collections

mood board

Objects of design, handcrafted in Italy.

“I love to surround myself with objects that can tell a story

My story and the stories I imagine. Every time I need to start a new design I start from my roots, from the theater, from my working tools

I immerse myself in a chaos made of emotions and matter and hands that make “stuff”.

I get overwhelmed, almost suffocated. But in the end I come out alive.”(paola brunello)

made for you

made for you

Events, unforgettable moments, occasions for a special gift.

There are occasions when a little gift is a big present: whether for a private celebration, an event, a ceremony, you only need a little something to make memories stronger and pleasures bigger.

Rosso Cuore can create ad hoc gifts, for all your needs. Contact us